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Who we are

Finding creative differentiated and viable solutions is part of SIQ MARKETING DNA that has provided relationship actions, experience and information in 4 areas since January 2005.

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We are a marketing agency that promotes networking and introduces quality content aiming to expanding the knowledge of professionals who participate in our actions. Find out more in our website: www.siqmarketing.com.br

Siq Executive Marketing Director Mauricio Siqueira is an experienced professional with over 20 years on the market and its management is based on the view that the success of an action is nothing more than the well planned and well executed strategy. Here the quality of professional staff makes all the difference.

Our service 1

What we do

Developing actions that promote national and international Market Information updates creating opportunities to enlarging professional networking while providing meaningful experiences.

These actions are provided through a large database covering all Brazil mainly in the Design, Architecture and Furniture fields. They are: